A Smell of Gravy

Releasing two albums in two years is no mean feat these days, and despite the ravages of the pandemic, Frank Renfordt, the man behind The Cumberland River Project, has not only achieved this but surpassed his wildest expectations. Now in his 60s, Frank switched lanes, became a songwriter, and in 2020 released his first album celebrating the genres of Pop, Folk and Country. 
Refreshing, organic and full of great storytelling, the new album is the next step in a career whose legacy was forged in the steel industry. Learning, developing and evolving in your latter years is never easy but Frank has acquired a sense of purpose with a unique storytelling ability that represents a homecoming for him and his listeners. Hence the smell of gravy, a title which alone represents family life and the pleasures and sufferings of a mutually shared experience around the dining table. 
Frank’s first critically acclaimed album was exclusively recorded and produced with Dave Demay in Nashville Tennessee, but this time he has upped the ante by producing 8 out of the 14 tracks himself. Gathering over 30 artists around him to deliver a vision that really gets to the heart of traditional American music, the result is a multi-layered and varied album full of textures and lyrics that will resonate with audiences everywhere. From dark melodic country, to those hints of hillbilly traditional bluegrass and beyond, ‘A Smell of Gravy’ is a classic album awaiting a growing fanbase. 
From the opening track ‚A Little Love‘ to the wonderful closing of ‚Brighter Day‘, the rich fabric of America’s musical integrity is laid bare. As the stories unfold and the world around Frank Renfordt begins to understand that there is an incredible storyteller, musician and singer-songwriter walking the stage, there is no doubt that he is delivering on every promise he ever made to himself. Join him on a sail down the Cumberland River and discover a world of untold riches. It is never too late to take that trip, and like the currents that flow along its meandering banks, ‘A Smell Of Gravy’ will lead you home to a place of long-forgotten memories.