Special Guest - Dennis Renfordt on Guitar

I'm proud and happy to announce that my son Dennis played the solo guitar and some guitar licks on my latest release 'Down A Chickamauga Creek' 


'Fair Play Country Music' is an internationally active organization helping independent artists. I'm honored they picked me as 'Songwriter of the Year'. It's a pity that the 'Red Carpet Award Show' which was scheduled for early November in Holland couldn't take place because of the Corona Pandemic.     


They call themselves the biggest international magazine for country music. You will find an interview with me in the July/August 2020 issue of this fancy magazine!  

New Song & Video

This is really awesome! We are working with video artist Fata Cakaj and a team of creative people on a lavish video for a new ballade  I wrote together with Anita Oakley, a songwriter from California. The song will be performed by Sascha Miskovic (Misko) - a super talented singer from my hometown. I'm so excited, I'm pretty sure this is gonna be a big thing! 


Saloon, the one and only German print magazine for Country-Music lovers published a detailed interview with me in it's No 5 issue - click on the title to follow the link (German language only). 

Another Spotify Milestone 

Got this message from Spotify  - I've 5000 followers now.

Interview on flyctory blog

You will find detailed information about me and the project and how is it going here in an interview on Florian Buechtings Flyctory Blog.


Our local Radio asked to do create an unplugged version of one of my songs. Along with an interview it was on air and her you can see the corresponding video on YouTube

NSAI listed as 'One to watch'

These writers are being recognized by NSAI (Nashville Songwriting Association International) evaluators as writers who are on the rise! These members have gotten the attention of NSAI evaluators for their unique and promising writing skills. 

New Country - In Good times magazine

There is a report about modern Country Music and THE CUMBERLAND RIVER PROJECT in the April/May issue of the GOOD TIMES magazine (German)


The major state owned radio station MDR has chosen THE CUMBERLAND RIVER PROJECT as album of the week and plays my music regularly.  


Now I’m an active member of ISSA (International Singer-Songwriter Association). ISSA is an organization for independent artists. 


Here is a nice article about the project and the album release in Country.de 


Great review of the album on flyctory.com  - you must take a look! 

Country Home

Here is an review of the album in Country Home Magazine 

Award Show

I'm an official nominee for 'Songwriter Of The Year' of the 'Red Carpet Award Show' organized by the 'Fair Play Country Music' magazin.  

Out Now second single 

Here is the second single  'Honey In My Head'. 
Do you remember those days, when you fall in love?

First Release January 10th 2020

'Back On The Road' A 'feel good song' about the ups and downs in life. 

It's already over

I made a bunch of new friends on Judy Stakee's Songwriting retreat and a lot of new experiences! We had a great time in Nashville!


Under leadership of my label Dr. Music Records a couple of companies will help to promote and distribute my music all over the world!


'tiefschwarz und edelweiss' is the creative design office responsible for my cover artwork

Michael J. Roth

On a sunny Sunday morning I met my friend and award winning songwriter Michael J. Roth from New Mexico in Nashville. It was a beautiful day! We are currently working on a new song together.
More about Michael here:

Mr. Dave Demay

The one and only! I met Dave in Nashville for a delicious Mexican lunch. Dave is the producer of 'The Cumberland River Project'  a real patriot, nice guy and great friend.


Timm Ortmüller did the shootings for my press kit and album artwork He did a fantastic job, his photos are real Country! 

Judy Stakee's songwriting retreat

I'm allowed to join Judy Stakee's songwriting retreat in Nashville in October. Something I'm really looking forward to. 

With 40+ years of music industry experience, Judy has held numerous positions, including 20 years at Warner Chappell Music as Senior VP of Creative, where she was responsible for signing, developing, and managing their broad roster of new stars and legendary artists, such as Grammy-Award winner Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch, Jewel, Gavin DeGraw, John Shanks, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Scott Cutler, and Anne Previn, Julian Bunetta, Kevin Kadish, and Franne Golde, among others.

Vocal Lessons

Haven't got a strong voice and never saw myself as a singer, but it happens now that I have to sing in front of others to present my songs - so what can I do? I'm taking vocal lessons and it's fun -  maybe I'll become a singer after all  ;-)